TransNZ Day 1

Sunday 24 Feb – Cragieburn It rained all night and we were greeted by thick cloud and constant drizzle.  Snow now covered all the mountains around us.  Temperature was around zero degrees C at the base.  What the hell??!!  Can someone please tell NZ that it is still summer??!! The chilly bin we left outside […]

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TransNZ Day 6

March 1 Friday – Queenstown And just like that, today was the final day of racing. The lifestyle of the week has been sensational. Someone else provides all my meals, makes lunch for me and even does the cleaning up. I just have to look after myself and my bike J Happy days! My bike […]

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TransNZ Day 5

Feb 28 Thursday – Alexandra Follow the pink dots. An overcast day greeted us bat at least it wasn’t raining.  Today we load up and head to Alexandra some 100km away from Queenstown.  It’s absolutely freezing and the bus feels like a mobile freezer.  Alexandra is nothing like the other places we have been riding, it’s […]

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TransNz Day 4

Feb 27 Wednesday – Cardrona I didn’t stab Frenchie while she slept but she was no longer on my Christmas card list after yesterday. However, my mind was once again focused on the weather.  The rain had started last night and down it poured. Temperatures haven’t left the teens all week and today we are back […]

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TransNZ Day 3

Feb 26 Tuesday – Coronet Peak A frosty cold but glorious blue sky day greeted us for our first day in Queenstown. Damn what a change from the past few days. Feeling somewhat okay about today’s race as I have ridden some of the trails here before.  We get driven up to Coronet Peak base […]

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TransNZ Day 2

Feb 25 Monday – Craigieburn (the real day 2…) Heavy rain fell again overnight and more mist, clouds, rain and snow topped mountains greeted us as we dashed into the breakfast hall.  I had spent every waking moment giving myself a good solid talking to. I had survived yesterday and I can do this.  This […]

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…and we are off and racing

The end of 2018 and the start of 2019 was insane time with so much happening all at once and hence why there hasn’t been an update of the adventures Crazy Aunty Biggles. The short version to bring you up to speed goes like this….. Last year I qualified for the Enduro World Series.  Life […]

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For the Riders

I don’t believe in women specific bikes. We don’t have women specific cars. Or computers.  There are no women’s specific javelin.  The hurdles are the same height for both men and women. There are no women’s specific lawnmowers or cordless drills, so why the hell are we still going through this phase of slapping on […]

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Thunderbolt of lightning

Mt Buller race day!!!! Sometime around midnight I woke up to Thor the god of thunder, releasing a pack of wild hippo’s on the roof our lodge. The whole building shook with the booming as a tap dancing moose pounded on my chest with the pressure waves from the thunder. Normally with storms I’m a […]

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